Guest speaker series

St. Paul’s Guest Speaker Series

Each fall, the St. Paul congregation hosts the community-wide Guest Speaker Series. The church brings persons of national stature to the Quad Cities – sparking new ideas about what it means to live faithfully. This event reflects St. Paul’s mission to serve as a learning center for our people and the entire region.

An impressive line-up

Over the years, Quad-Citians have met renowned leaders through St. Paul’s Guest Speaker Series. All have authored books that can be found in the church’s Book Corner.

2020: On hiatus, due to COVID-19

2019: Shon Hopwood

2018: Austin Channing Brown

2017: Tom Gjelten, NPR reporter

2016: Tony Jones, author and theologian

2015: Leslie Hunter, chaplain and instructor

2014: Timothy Johnson, leading medical communicator

2013: Richard Lischer, theology professor, writing on grief

2012: Greg Boyle, urban priest and advocate for youth

2011: Joan Chittister, Catholic visionary, social advocate

2010: Bill McKibben, environmentalist on the impact of global warming

2009: Mark Allen Powell, New Testament professor

2008: Brad Hirschfield, Orthodox rabbi devoted to inclusiveness

2007: Tom Long, one of America’s leading preachers

2006: L. Gregory Jones, theology professor, writing on forgiveness

2005: M. Craig Barnes, pastor, author on God’s forgiveness

2004: Ann Weems, poet

2003: Gerald Sittser, professor, author on tragic loss

2002: Tony Campolo, sociologist/author, proponent for progressive thought

2001: Dorothy Bass, developer of resources for living the faith

2000: Lewis Smedes, late theologian/ethicist on forgiveness