Near and far

Near and far

We are to love our neighbors. For people of St. Paul, “neighbors” mean people who live near and far.

Our benevolence giving supports ministries that feed and empower people worldwide. We believe that getting to know people who have resettled in the United States as refugees is one of the best ways to understand God’s presence in this world. And, we hold that God draws near in worshiping with people who are in prison.

Refugee support

The number of refugees in the world is at historic highs, with millions forced to leave their homes because of unthinkable violence. World Relief Moline resettles approximately 200 people a year in the Quad Cities from places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the most dangerous places in the world for women and children.┬áSt. Paul people help empower and support as refugees rebuild their lives here – learning English, seeking employment, building new friendships, understanding new customs and culture.

Free Indeed congregation

The Free Indeed congregation, within the walls of the Anamosa State Penitentiary welcomes St. Paul people for worship a few times a year. This new congregation of the ELCA invites inmates of the prison as well as people from the outside to worship together. The men participate fully in worship leadership, including music, communion distribution, and reading. The sunlit chapel is a respite for all who come.


Near and far: Ann McGlynn