Turned inside out for others

Imagine a circle of people, clasping hands. Typically, everyone faces inward. But what if we turn around? Everyone faces outward – still holding each other’s hands. That’s the inside-out perspective of adventurous mission and serving at St. Paul.


To be a mission-centered church, it takes:

Love: We focus outward. We turn ourselves inside out for neighbors around the block and across the globe.

Sacrifice: We serve. We follow the way of Jesus, who came not to be served but to serve.

Intentionality: We give 21 percent of our annual budget away, a “double-tithe” commitment supported fully through the personal offerings of St. Paul people.

A guy named Martin Luther wrote a lot about faith. “Faith is a living, busy, active, powerful thing!” he said. We’re charged with improving relationships with our neighbor, making the world a more trustworthy place. We call that faith – active in love for others.

Our feet and our hands take us to remarkable places. Serving with adventurous purpose is the heart and soul of life together. The approach is organic and responsive. Our commitments are deep and wide, helping improve lives and address virtually every type of human need.

On any given day, you’ll find St. Paul people:

  • Dishing up pasta casserole at a community meal site
  • Hanging drywall at a Habitat for Humanity construction site
  • Giving to relieve hunger and disaster globally
  • Growing awareness for people with mental illness
  • Weeding the St. Paul community garden

A unique decision-making model underscores St. Paul’s adventurous mission and serving. A six-member Mission Board takes the lead, focusing our eyes far beyond ourselves. These St. Paul people check the pulse locally and globally. They get to know our biblical neighbor – as close as our own front door and across the ocean. They size up immediate needs and long-term causes.

Mission: Pastor Katy Warren