God’s gift for us

With a splash of water, the faith community celebrates God’s gift of baptism. Baptism at St. Paul is for the smallest of babies, for children and teenagers, and for adults who have yet to be baptized.

St. Paul understands baptism not as an individual “guarantee” of salvation (though it is connected with eternally tying us to God). Instead, it’s viewed as a sign of grace and faith within a worshiping community – where one belongs and regularly participates. For this reason, St. Paul reserves the baptismal act in worship for men, women, and children who are an active part of the congregation’s membership.

Baptisms are celebrated on different Sundays throughout the year at any of the morning services (8, 9, and 11:15 a.m.). Baptisms can also occur on a number of 5 p.m. Saturday evening services.

The baptismal font

The design of the St. Paul baptismal font fittingly resembles the prow of a ship for this congregation near the banks of the Mississippi. Historically, much of church architecture reflects this shape. Based on the Medieval Latin word navis or “ship,” a sanctuary is sometimes referred to as a “nave.”

The naval image is a good one. It’s for people who splash daily in the baptismal promises of God. In the Bible, water figures in the new life of creation and in the roaring flood of Noah’s ark. God led people through the seas, from slavery into freedom.

Download: Baptism brochure

Baptism: Mackenzie Griffin