Mental health

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Among people worshiping in any American church, 25 percent are likely touched by mental illness. A person in the pew, a family member, a friend. Mental illness can be isolating and frightening.

Compassion and healing are marks of St. Paul’s Mental Health Ministry. All people are embraced – no questions asked. Spirituality is an important component. Studies show that a person grounded in a faith community often does better in recovery. Person-to-person caring mixes with advocacy and awareness through:

  • 2025 Main Street housing: Providing a safe place to for men with mental illness to call home
  • Kids and youth: Lending financial support to school-based mental health services
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness: Boosting awareness by supporting the NAMI Walk each fall
  • Movie series and panel discussions: Community education and awareness.

The Mental Health Awareness Team

Expand awareness. Banish stigmas. Love others. Share stories. Discover support. Local experts and everyday people team up to provide education and support through St. Paul. This team of people think creatively and responsively to the needs of the community.