A Harvest of Gratitude: Pledge for 2024

A pledge to this church is a financial promise. It’s an indication of what you plan to give over the weeks and months in the coming calendar year. It’s an act of love that arises from your appreciation for God’s blessing in your life.

A pledge is a way to say, “This is important to me. I want to make sure it happens.” The “it” is St. Paul daily ministries — designed to serve other people and honor a generous God.

Pledge online for 2024

Pledging FAQ

A building block

Each year at St. Paul, members complete a pledge (online or on paper).  Pledges are dedicated in worship on the second Sunday in November, Joy Sunday. Each pledge is a building block, creating a foundation for the church’s operating budget. Every commitment supports St. Paul’s day-to-day ministries and mission, locally and globally.

A spiritual practice

Pledging is considered a spiritual practice at St. Paul. Sure, you could just give whenever you feel like it. But St. Paul requests that all members of the church make a financial pledge. Your pledge creates a framework for your life’s priorities. It reflects your joy in making a difference in others’ lives. In turn, the church shapes our Daily Ministry Budget entirely on the basis of upfront generosity received from member pledges. The Bible calls this kind of considerate giving first fruits giving.

Commitment & blessing

The amount of your pledge is a decision of your household. Only you know the full extent of your personal blessings. Challenge yourself to grow your giving commitment each year so that the church’s ministry can grow.

If it’s helpful to know, the average household pledge in 2023 is $49 per week. The church’s operational cost (for all mission and ministries) is $57,451 per week.

Changing your pledge

Economic circumstances can change suddenly. You can change your pledge mid-year, up or down, if that is necessary. Remember, a pledge is a faith-filled estimate of your desire and potential.


Pledge: Marcia Robertson, giving ministry coordinator,, 563-326-3547 x218