Earth care

A 24/1 churchenvironmental enthusiasts

The psalmist inspires St. Paul spirit and action: “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” That’s Psalm 24:1. A 24/1 church cherishes and cares for God’s creation.

We live on a pinpoint of Earth in Davenport, Iowa. We’re mindful that God’s hand places us on this beautiful and fragile planet – and so we make intentional choices in daily life:

  • Picking up litter in the St. Paul neighborhood
  • Soaping up dishes, avoiding disposable products
  • Recycling
  • Lighting the church with high-efficiency bulbs
  • Growing mindfulness for big questions like global warming
  • Using compostable coffee cups on Sunday mornings

The Environmental Team

The Environmental Team is a band of earth-minded St. Paul folks. They round up dishwashers for church suppers. They pick up litter each week on campus, and a few times a year in the neighborhood. They encourage new behaviors: conserving resources by riding a bike to church, considering choices big and small. Engage your own natural instincts. Think globally, and act locally as a steward of this earthly home.

Earth Care: Duane Haas