Age 3-grade 2

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Sunday-morning learning classes for kids are offered beginning at age 3, 10:15-11 a.m., September through May.

The 3-year-old and Pre-K kids gather on the main level of the education wing. Kindergarten through 5th grade meet in the Lower Commons. Newcomers are welcome to join in classroom learning at any time. Stop at the Information Center to help find your way to a classroom.

Spark is our engaging curriculum for young children. Each week, kids open their Bibles and encounter God’s Word. They explore faith through interactive activities and games, colorful lesson leaflets, creative art projects, and engaging music.

Serving is at the heart of the Christian faith. Children engage in hands-on activities that grow hearts for serving. Parents and other volunteers keep ministry with kids humming. Offer up your talents and presence.

Faith milestones

Faith milestones are special markers along the growing-up journey.

Three-year-olds | Start Sunday School Milestone: A late-summer event welcomes three-year-olds and their parents into Sunday-morning learning. It’s a big step into a classroom setting. Each child receives a colorful storybook Bible.

Kindergarten | Discovering Worship Milestone: Kids ask questions and explore St. Paul worship. A monogrammed worship bag for each child adds to the fun family event in the fall.

First grade | Lord’s Prayer Milestone: Children and parents learn together about the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples to pray. One Sunday morning in the spring.

Second grade | 10 Commandments Milestone: Kids discover this gift of God’s love, which provides guidance for navigating life. One Sunday-morning session in spring.

Choirs for kids

Singing is one of the best ways to grow an active faith and a love for church. Starting at age four, St. Paul kids can exercise their vocal cords in a choir. Rehearse on Wednesdays, sing on occasional Sundays in worship. Learn more


Ah, sweet summer! Vacation Bible School is the place for kids, age four through grade 5. During a delightful week each June, music, faith, and fun rock the church.


Age 3-grade 2: Maddy Carroll