A harvest of gratitude

News | November 9, 2023

Autumn is the season when every St. Paul member is asked to make a financial commitment for the life and work of St. Paul in the coming year. The vitality of the church depends on the involvement and generous giving of every household. The pledges of St. Paul people are what fund our entire ministry. Each and every pledge adds up for strong ministry and mission. Please count yourself among the faithful with your financial pledge for Daily Ministry in 2024.

Signs of gratitude
We have immense gratitude in our lives. Gratitude is recognizing the abundance of blessings that unfold in our lives, being able to look outside ourselves at the people who make our lives better, from the biggest things to the smallest.

In reflecting on how gratitude shows up in our lives, it’s all about the people, the camaraderie, the joy of community and togetherness. Our family, friends, the people at church, and even our dogs. We own two puppies that we are both very grateful for. They make us laugh and smile every day.

We have to start at the heart of our family. Moving to the Quad Cities to be closer to two of our children and their families has been something special. We have two very loving daughters and son-in-laws here locally and the relationship we’re able to share being near to grandchildren is heartwarming. The grandkids stop in on us, sometimes surprise us, and we’ll throw together a dinner or just sit and chat. It’s rare that they come to see us and we don’t get a hug. Those are signs of gratitude. A smile on a face, a laugh, a hug. Often a small gesture of affection like a touch. Being able to slow down and appreciate what you have and thinking ‘wow.’

We are blessed to spend that time with our grandchildren. Many nights, we’re at a sporting event of some sort. If the sport includes a ball, one of our grandchildren probably plays it.
— John and Judy Robinson

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