A picture of friendship

News | May 4, 2017

They first met as neighbors at Bickford Senior Living, Davenport.

Josie Moeller and Janet Likely became friends over a shared love of the Chicago Cubs, Josie’s daughter Darlene Schluensen said. They encouraged each other – for example, when one wasn’t sure about going to the dining room for meals, the other would be there to give a little nudge.

One day in early March, when they were on their way to dinner, a staff member at Bickford captured this photo:

Josie soon moved to the center’s memory care unit.

A few days later, on March 23, Janet died.

“Janet’s gone, isn’t she,” Josie said, thought no one had told her of Janet’s passing.

Then, on April 15, Josie died.

Both women had lives filled with work and care for their families and others – Josie was 96, Janet was 91.

And at the end, they had the best in a friend.

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