A voice in the wilderness: Winter nights

News | December 5, 2018

Growing up on a farm in the country brought a variety of beauty into my life. In the winter months, the beauty changed when it was snow covered. When I went outside to do the horses on winter nights, I would sometimes have to search for them in the field/woods. While searching, I often felt a pull to stop and take in the view. A full moon, lighting up the night while reflecting off a fresh layer of snow, a cloudless sky full of stars, and woodland creatures calling out in the night. The beauty surrounded me and I’d be in awe of the world God created.

Once I located the horses, their neighs and excitement of what was to come matched my own happiness of the night. The joy of experiencing God’s wonderful creation would stick with me and warm me on even the coldest nights.

Winter brings its own beauty as bare trees wear a coat of snow, the joys of Christmas are shared among friends and strangers, and the promise of spring and new life is around the corner. If you ever get a chance, on a night after freshly fallen snow, get outside the city and take in the beauty of a winter night. The world God created is made of breathtaking beauty.

Rachel Holm works for 7th Judicial Department of Correctional Services. She enjoys sewing, time with friends and family, and traveling.

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