Advent devotion: Be the sunshine

News | December 12, 2017

When I got my first preschool teaching job, I was so excited. I wrote very detailed lesson plans for the first week, arranged the room until it was perfect. I bought the cute name tags and made one for each of my kiddos’ cubbies and chairs.

Little did I know, none of that would matter.

The first day came and went and nothing on my lesson plan was ever covered. My perfectly planned days were unpredictable. I decided what these kiddos needed had nothing to do with my lesson plans. I learned more from them than I think I learned in my entire 4 years of schooling, or life in general.

Intentional time spent with anyone can shed light on a whole world of different things.

I prepared for that first day of teaching thinking everything was going to be perfect and go as planned, but my perspective changed. After spending time with my kiddos, I figured out what they needed from me, and the curriculum was only half of it. I’m not saying I encountered a lot of darkness working with them. But figuring out what they needed gave me a different perspective on life and how I interact with people in all parts of my life, not just teaching.

Darkness isn’t the same for everyone and it affects everyone differently. It’s how we respond to darkness that matters.

I saw a card or some inspirational calendar that said “be the sunshine in someone else’s day.” That stuck with me. I tried to be the “sunshine” in my kiddos’ day. It’s amazing what a small gesture can do – a smile, high five, a hug, or even asking “how’s your day going?” Can you remember a time someone gave you a high five and you didn’t feel happier? Me neither. So go shine your light. And shine it bright!

Kaitlyn Schnekloth lives in Eldridge, Iowa. She taught preschool for 5 years, and now is a stay-at-home mom. She enjoys gardening, anything crafty, and running. 

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