Advent devotion: Chasing the light

News | December 1, 2019

As a young boy, I dreaded going to bed. My imagination ran wild as I laid in bed conjuring up when and how the monster under my bed or in the closet would strike next. The darkness paralyzed me with fear. By morning, with the sun’s magnificent strength, I had little memory of my concerns just hours prior.

I’m reminded of the quote (anonymous): The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion. The tunnel is.

So true. I replay in my mind the many dark times (tunnels) throughout my life, times when I could not imagine getting to the other side. Trapped. No way out. The list includes the loss of a loved one, senseless feuding, personal inadequacies, self-image issues. While I realize we all share struggles and moments of darkness, for many of us the darkness is very private. We are either unable or unwilling to share, really admit, to others or ourselves, what troubles us. We fall victim to life and society’s traps awaiting us, believing that these moments are permanent, not temporary opportunities to overcome.

But we must remember that the tunnel IS the illusion. Instead, we must seek the light, and see the opportunities in it – the strength and wisdom derived from facing such challenges.

Recently, to celebrate friendship and my weight loss accomplishment, I hiked up a mountain to perch upon a beautiful scenic vista overlooking a canyon. As the sun kissed my face, I knew in that moment that I will be fine…always. Surrounded only by sunlight and God, the light liberated my soul, my inner strength found.

I can feel a better me emerging, and while there will be let downs and setbacks too numerous to count, I now look forward to meeting the new me daily.

“I love who I’ve been, but I really love who I’m becoming.”

Steve Ahrens lives with his family in Davenport and is always looking forward to his next adventure.

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  • Pat Fennnelly

    December 1, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    Thank you.

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