Advent devotion: Children singing

News | December 23, 2015

Of all of the senses that God has given me, I feel the ability to hear is the most precious. The sound of oncoming traffic protects me on my daily walks. The sound of the heat coming on in my home reminds me that I will be comfortable and warm on this cold winter day. The sound of the voices of family, friends, and neighbors creates a special feeling of belonging to a caring and loving community. And most of all, the sound of all kinds of music surrounding my life has been the richest gift of all.

I always believed that the sounds of the piano and organ – instruments I have played practically all of my life – were the most beautiful. Any time of year, hearing a Bach chorale played on the organ or a well-performed piano solo by Chopin was an experience I embraced. Enjoying music of every style and genre has been important to me even though my favorites remained in the classical styles of the keyboard instruments.

Since coming to St. Paul, so much has changed about my grateful recognition of sound. This community of faith embraces songs and hymns from the onset of Christianity to the 21st century. The simple act of singing during the church service has brought such joy to my worship experience. But perhaps the most striking change in my appreciation of sound has been brought about through the sound of St. Paul children’s voices singing.

Studies have proven that there is an inherent need to sing within every culture of this world. My position of children’s choir director allows me to provide an environment that I pray is rich with the music of the church. I feel that the words that children learn early in life are more likely to stay in their memories with a melody accompanying them. What better way to plant the seeds of faith and love found in the Christian life!

Treasure and ponder this Advent season the sounds of children’s voices singing. Whether it be a church service here at St. Paul, the Christmas pageant, or a school-sponsored music program, find the true meaning of this season in the innocent sound of children.

Linda Allebach is the director of the Cantate children’s choir and assistant organist at St. Paul. She and Don are parents, grandparents, live in Davenport, and love to sail.

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