Advent devotion: The simple silence of the season

News | December 7, 2016

By Kristin Burns

Growing up on a farm in Northwest Illinois, I always found myself embracing the simplistic beauty and abundance around me. Every season on the farm was beautiful in its own special way – the rolling fields of green in the summer to the golden colors that returned each fall promising a plentiful harvest. But the season that gave me the most humbling fulfillment was the winter holiday season. kristin-burns-advent-blog-picture

One of my most treasured traditions from my elementary school days through my college years was embracing the silence of the season on the farm. Many times, I’d grab my coat and hat and take a walk around the farm, just to absorb the peacefulness. Along my walk, I’d listen to the cattle slowly and calmly graze on their hay in the brisk, cold air.  A rabbit would often scurry across the fresh snow and I would hear an owl’s echoing hoot across the desolate land. The wind would blow across the fields and fresh snow would twirl around me in the most beautiful dance.

The small beauties that are often missed during this season filled me with God’s warmth and grace.

As dusk would begin to fall, I’d trudge through the snow back to the farmhouse, where I would be greeted by a simple shining star in the window. Coming from a strong Swedish heritage, the traditional Swedish star in the window signifies welcome and warmth during the cold winter days. I’d often find myself stopping in awe in the beauty of something so simple and glorious. Is this the feeling the wise men were overcome with as they came across the shining star that Christmas Day?

The simple star that signifies so much joy and hope in our lives. Once again, I would be reminded of all God has given and the simple joys that Gods surrounded us with each and every day. They are the joys just waiting to be discovered, if only we choose to stop and enjoy the simple silence of the season.

Kristin Burns is the quality manager at Whitey’s Ice Cream.  She resides in Davenport with her husband, John and one year old daughter, Britta.

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2 Comments on “Advent devotion: The simple silence of the season”

  • Jenette Raymond

    December 9, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    I grew up near your farm and went to school with your dad – your appreciation of the more simple things in life are a real tribute to your parents. I hope you are able to pass this love of faith and peacefulness on to your daughter. Beautiful writing.

  • Phyllis Hoch

    December 8, 2016 at 7:52 am

    This is a beautiful portrait of our Christmas holidays on the farm. Your words are timeless as it lovingly describes Christmas on the farm in my generation as well as yours. One thing I would add is the joy in attending Julatta services in early morn, rising early on Christmas Day to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

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