Confirmation Faith Stories

News | November 18, 2021

Faith stories are the culmination of confirmation at St. Paul. Ninth-graders shared presentations describing how they see God at work in the world and in their lives.

Kailee McCaw wrote this poem to describe her relationship with God.

I stand in front of you today
With my words that decree
I’m here to tell you my way
What faith means to me

Sitting in the silence
Hearing the subtle brush of nature
Knowing that through them I receive comfort

To the average listener it’s nothing more
Then a few restless leaves
Or a tree shaking in the breeze
But to me that’s not what they are there for

I sit and hear the movements of these creations
and I don’t just hear a few restless leaves
Or a tree shaking in the breeze
I feel more

And I know
That it’s not just by chance
That the sky is blue and the leaves dance to and fro
I look at these wonders and feel
Because I know that when I sit under this thing blanketed
By God’s creation that none of this was by chance

When I sit in God’s grass under God’s sky
Surrounded by God’s creatures
There is an overwhelming sense
And I feel God’s hand rest upon me
That’s what faith feels to like to me

Sitting in this church
Or sitting at home
On those Wednesdays
You can’t help but notice your heart roam
Closer to faith

Sitting in a room
With those 10 girls and our leaders
Talking about life you can’t help but consume
The love and support we all give and receive
I entered the scene six months late
But it’s absolutely no debate
That I was welcomed with open arms
And accepted to feel at home

Sitting and sharing and learning about those
Girls and their lives every Wednesday
Despite the obstacles of life
You feel so close to faith in a way
That’s what faith feels like to me

Through the good, the bad
The beautiful and the ugly
Faith is there
It’s not a hat you put on and take off
It’s a part of you
It’s a part of me

Whether it’s a small thing that makes me say “wow”
Or standing in front of you now
Faith guides, grows, and shapes my life
And I wouldn’t want it any other way
Over the past 14 years I have grown to see
What exactly faith means to me

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