Confirming faith

News | September 13, 2018

Faith stories, the culmination of the confirmation experience, are a 2-3 minute presentation. During this time, teenagers will speak about how they see God at work in the world and in their individual lives. Faith stories will be shared during the Sunday morning learning time (10:20-11:05 a.m.) and students will be recognized at either the 9 or 11:15 service, beginning this weekend.

The sessions will be held in Fellowship Hall. All are welcome to attend.

September 16 (confirmation blessing at 9 a.m. worship)

Taylor Buhr

Chloe Isbell

Caroline Sierk

Sarah Bernick

Cecelia Fierce

Natalie Carslake

Lauren Anderson

Isabelle (Izzy) Appel

Ben Eckman

Peter Evans

Tyler Hurd

Zachary Paustian

September 23 (confirmation blessing at 9 a.m. worship)

Makayla Alger

Martha Barnds

Anna Dickman

Olivia Schroeder

Lyndsey Volquardsen

Jadelyn Roberts

Kate Andersen

Sarah DeFauw

Sadie Ryan

September 30 (confirmation blessing at 9 a.m. worship)

Gabriel Moen

Zachary Johnson

Dane Treiber

Jack Grothusen

Nasir Kolwey

Nasaih Kolwey

October 7 (confirmation blessing at 11:15 a.m. worship)

Abigail Tryon

Jordan Stewart

Julia Fiedler

Brynn Krafka

Thomas Atteberry

Evan Hayden Mirocha

Jake Posten

Alec Hennings

Ben Wollett

Jackson Stradt

Aron Stewart

Justin Ancelet

October 14 (confirmation blessing at 11:15 a.m. worship)

Ty Vucic

Xander Plett

Barrett Lindmark

Garrett Conway

Nathan Hummel

Chance Dreyer

Ryan Thoreson

Max VanDerSchaaf

Ben Murphy

Alex Hunter

Brady Hunter

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