Grateful for what we have

News | December 2, 2021

Both sets of our parents grew up during the depression and were grateful for whatever they had. Later in life they’d tell us that back then they were poor, but didn’t realize they were poor. We think that experience must have been their foundation for being grateful. They were all hard workers and earned a modest income being a barber, beautician (after we were older), a farmer and farmer’s wife.

Although our families did not have a lot of money when we were kids, we learned to be grateful for what we did have. When Cheryl wanted to order books from the book order at school, her mom pointed out to her that she lived half a block from the Scott County Library and could get books there to read. Cheryl learned to be grateful to still be able to have a book to read. Steve grew up on a dairy farm. He had to help milk cows at night after going to football practice. He’d get up early in the morning, but his dad didn’t make him help with milking. Instead, he gave him that time to do his homework. Steve was grateful for being able to be on the football team.

Cheryl’s dad was a man that used a lot of common sayings that we still think of today when situations arise. One of those sayings went something like: “I felt sad that I didn’t have a decent pair of shoes until I saw a person that didn’t have feet.” As we age we’re finding ourselves having more aches and pains. We don’t have to look far to see a lot of people that have to put a lot more effort into moving around than we do. We are grateful for our health, among many other things, and for giving us the parents we had.

— Steve & Cheryl Arp

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  • Daniel Moeller

    December 3, 2021 at 5:50 am

    Thanks for the story Steve and Cheryl. I remember Steve’s parents well. Going to Durant football games and hosting 4H project day at their farm. The activity bus and the driver, Bill Stoltenberg, stopping at your house after school and practice. You and your brothers, Randy and Jeff, and sister, Denise, were all involved in sports and 4H. Good people. Thanks for sharing.

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