Advent devotion: Holiday delivery

News | December 4, 2015

One of the more memorable Advent experiences for our family involved connecting with others in the community with special needs. This was orchestrated through the Salvation Army, which provided the names of individuals or families.

From a list provided by the recipients, our family purchased the suggested food, clothing, and gifts. The clothing and gifts were wrapped and, as a family, we delivered them several days before Christmas. We spent time together exploring their interests, life stresses, and joys. As we prepared to leave, we offered, with their consent, a written or spontaneous prayer.

The visible and physical act of giving, as a family with young children, was a blessing as much to our family as we witnessed it a blessing to the recipient family. In addition, it connected us with others in the community we wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to meet.

Will and Jane Sybesma dedicated their lives to serving others as medical professionals. They live in Moline.

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