Living in gratitude

News | November 22, 2023

As long as we’ve known each other, we’ve liked to throw a party. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, baptism, or even just celebrating a day that ends in “y”, we love to invite people into our home and share food, fun, and fellowship. Sharing our bounty and joy in community with these people lets us more fully experience the goodness of God’s creation. Welcoming people to celebrate with us, to rest and refuel together, is a way we extend our gratitude and feel enveloped in God’s grace.

Especially now, as we head toward the holidays, we are reminded of the thrill of giving generously whether that is having the perfect present for a loved one wrapped in gorgeous paper and tucked under the tree, making a piping hot casserole to share, an end of year donation, or even standing in the chilly snow longer in order to hold the door for the next person. We think these little (and big) acts of generosity restore the soul and remind us of our own gift of gratitude.

When we are living in gratitude, we are reminded of how generosity restores us. Being grateful realigns us with “being made in the image of God.” When we not only receive kindness but extend gratitude we fulfill our purpose.
—Alexandra Larson & Mike Koepp

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