Ninth-grade milestone: Blessing of the keys

News | April 16, 2015

Remember your first car?

It may have been an Oldsmobile with a falling-off bumper and cracked windshield. Or, maybe it was a small blue pickup truck with a passenger door that only opened from the outside. Or, it might have been a muscle car you saved up for a very long time to purchase.

No matter the car, it was likely a super exciting time.

Now, think about how the important adults in your life felt about handing over the keys to that car.

They put a lot of trust in you.

This Sunday, families of St. Paul 9th-graders will gather for the Blessing of the Keys, a milestone event where teens and adults will discuss the trust and responsibility required as students learn how to drive and begin making choices on their own.

“Much in the same way that your family walked through baptism, first communion and confirmation together, this milestone event helps parents find the words to mark this special occasion,” said Andy Langdon, director of youth ministries.

Gathered around breakfast tables in Fellowship Hall, they will share open conversation about responsibility and trust. “This is not replacement or repeat of driver’s education,” Andy said. “It’s about how your family will navigate the decisions that come along with new freedom. ”

Each teen will receive a symbolic bright blue key to put on their key chain. It has a cross on the front and the word “trust” on the back. A blessing will be held at the 9:20 and 11:45 a.m. worship.

Parents will be given a blessing and a prayer for their teen.

“Guardian of all, we give you thanks for your Holy Spirit who accompanies us on all journeys, short and long, for work, for school, for relationship, for family, for mission, and for all destinations. We give you thanks for your constant presence and guidance. May these new responsibilities help us find reasons to trust each other more deeply. Even in the midst of worry let there be trust, patience, peace, and pardon. Amen.”

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