Pastor Marty to lead study of Apostle Paul overseas

News | July 28, 2015

From the Turkish marble city where the Apostle Paul spent three years of his ministry, to the Greek city of Corinth which inspired his most important letter, and countless beautiful places in between, Pastor Peter Marty will be the lecturing host for a Mediterranean journey in October 2016 to delve into the life and travels of Paul. Susan Marty joins the journey too.

The journey will be aboard the Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas, and organized through Educational Opportunities Tours.

“What no one doubts about the Apostle Paul is his fervor for spreading Christianity. By any account he was a mad traveler,” Pastor Marty said. “Covering well over 10,000 miles in the Mediterranean world, many of them on foot, Paul aimed to plant churches and win as many Jewish and Gentile hearts as possible over to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“This 2016 trip will track some of those footsteps and sea voyages of Paul, stopping at many of the most beautiful places in the world. We’ll have a terrific time. I’ll present lectures on the ship. Participants will enjoy countless opportunities for roaming historic sites and marketplaces off ship, acting as their own mad (and adventurous) travelers throughout.”

For more information on the trip, stop by the Info Center for a special brochure, or visit  All-inclusive pricing from New York starts at $3,298. Be sure to enter the Group ID #56237 (whether registering online or by mail) to avail yourself of trip updates and potential trip discounts. As for the Greek economic crisis, all the reasons one could ever think to visit Greece remain unchanged. The banking crisis, which will certainly alter between now and fall 2016, has some tourists bringing extra cash or different forms of payment. Other travelers elect to purchase trip insurance when registering.

Trip itinerary

Oct. 17 & 18 | Depart U.S., arrive in Rome
Oct. 19 | At sea
Oct. 20 | Heraklion & Crete, Greece: The Bible mentions Crete as the port of origin for Paul’s voyage that ended in shipwreck. In Heraklion, explore the ruins of the Palace of Knossos.
Oct. 21 | Mykonos, Greece: Explore the beauty and culture of this mountainous Greek island, with its lovely bays and beaches, distinctive whitewashed structures, and narrow cobblestone streets.
Oct. 22 | Ephesus, Turkey: Ephesus is the marble city where Paul spent three years of his ministry. The ancient Agora and the 24,000-seat Great Theater where Paul preached are unforgettable.
Oct. 23 | Santorini, Greece: Enjoy the most breathtaking of all the Greek Islands with its villages and brilliant blue domes dotting the cliffs above the Aegean Sea. The island itself perches on the edges of a volcano that erupted 3,500 years ago.
Oct. 24 | Athens & Corinth, Greece: View the world-renowned Acropolis, the Prophylaea, and the Parthenon. See Mars Hill where Paul debated with the intellectual community of his day. Walk among the ruins of the Agora, the ancient market place and center of Athenian public life. View the Olympic Stadium. Travel to Corinth, a city that inspired Paul’s most famous letter.
Oct. 25 | At sea
Oct. 26 | Napes and Pompeii, Italy: Paul landed in the bay of Naples on his way to Rome. Go inland to the ancient Pompeii, dating almost to the time of Paul, and see the ruins that were covered by ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79.

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