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News | March 3, 2022

Expanding minds, expanding opportunities
In September, St. Paul Preschool received a notable grant from Investing in Iowa Child Care (IICC) to expand and enhance the two-year-old classroom.

The IICC funds were used to purchase updated furnishings including new tables and chairs, cubbies, shelving units, and storage within the classroom and many of the updates provide an improved method for fulfilling licensing requirements. The teachers were instrumental in the set up, design, and installation process with a small portion of the grant funds used to supplement pay for teachers’ extra time during the revamping project.

“This grant provided an opportunity that we wouldn’t have had,” said Kathy Becker, Associate Director of the preschool.

“To update and help enhance our curriculum for two-year-olds because two-year-old learning items are much different than other ages. You have to look at size and what’s developmentally appropriate for two. With new teachers in the classroom, they were able to visualize what items would benefit and enhance our current curriculum. Once the funding was awarded, the teachers had autonomy, they had leniency in terms of their needs.”

Two-year-olds can take a break in the reading corner or spend their time exploring new hands-on learning experiences. Soon, they’ll find themselves rocking out in the fresh air outside with a drum, music center, and new playhouse.

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