Advent devotion: Go in peace

News | December 9, 2019

It is easy for me to let the discord and strife in our country cause me to become worried and sad. Not only do we, as a nation, not agree on important issues like immigration, gay rights, constitutional checks and balances, the erosion of the middle class, funding for education, mass shootings, fair housing, judicial reforms, and climate change, we can not agree on the facts that drive these issues. Any chance of meaningful resolutions seem distant and remote.

And then I go to church.

I see St. Paul’s robust congregation and know all these people, at the very least, are open to the tenets of our Lutheran faith.

I see St. Paul members serving community by feeding the hungry, rehabilitating housing, sponsoring refugees, and supporting urban schools. All is accomplished without any national agreement or resolution.

I see the light of God’s love in action and I go in peace.

Georgia Dugan is retired, and a volunteer in the St. Paul Book Corner. She loves to travel with her partner, Pat Koranda.

One comment on “Advent devotion: Go in peace”

  • Pat Koranda

    December 9, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    Well put Georgia. We are blessed to belong to such a wonderful family at St Paul.

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