Advent devotion: Snowstorm

News | December 4, 2017

A few winters ago I was driving in an evening snowstorm on a rural gravel road near my home. The ditches had already filled up with snow, and with great skill I managed to drive my truck right into one.

In between gusts of snow, I could just make out the light from my house across the field, so I decided to walk the rest of the way. I got off track in the darkness a few times when the snow was too heavy to see through, but inevitably the light appeared again and I got going in the right direction.

That evening has become a reminder for me to keep searching for the Light of Christ in the world. Even when life is filled with darkness and distractions are swirling around, the Light remains. I still get off track at times, but I’m confident that the Light will be there if I just take a moment to pause in what I’m doing and look for it.

Mike Paustian and his family farm near Walcott, Iowa. He enjoys books, bikes, and bacon.

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