Advent devotion: Soaring

News | November 29, 2015

I enjoy feeding the birds. In my rational mind, I understand that the birds instinctually come to the feeders for the millet, the safflower and the thistle. However, in my heart, I feel they come because we are friends. We count on each other. We meet each other’s needs through the seed and the suet, which feed their bodies, and their beauty, which feeds my soul.

As daylight wanes, the birds disappear into my woods seeking shelter for the cold winter’s night. I wonder if birds dream? Do they dream of blue skies and white clouds with whom they spend their days? Do they dream of their friend who faithfully provides water and food? Do they worry that in the morning the feeders might be empty?

My sense is no. Birds do not carry these kinds of human burdens. They live in the moment. Their energy is not depleted by regrets of the past or fears of the future. Birds greet each morning with their wings wide open as they soar into the unknown of the day. They do not argue with or resist the beginnings or endings of life. They have no need for possessions which distract from or define their sense of self. Birds represent a freedom which is almost enviable to humans.

May this Advent season bring to each of us a sense of soaring in freedom. May Advent find us in acceptance of the cycle of life, which rejoices in beginnings and has no fear of endings. May we, like the birds, live our daily moments with such presence, leaving little room for fears, worries and anxieties. May we learn to let go and in doing so achieve lasting forgiveness. Finally, may we remember to treasure and ponder God’s many blessings in our lives.

Pam Bulat has lived in the Quad Cities for 45 years. She recently retired from a career of working with charitable organizations.

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