Celebrating Confirmation

News | May 1, 2015

Their faith stories are meaningful and unique to each of their beautiful souls. The 48 St. Paul confirmands for 2015 shared their faith stories during Lenten Wednesdays. It’s a tradition that gives students the chance to use their creativity to share what God is to them.

Following are a few excerpts from this year:

“‘How precious did that grace appear, the hour I first believed.’ There have been many times when I felt I really had come to know God but once it hit me hard. We went to Augustana College and used the contemplative pathway to God to pray, and for the first time I really felt connected to God. It made me very happy and made me know that I wanted God to be that important part of my life always.” – Aleah Kossan

“I always have seen God as an energy not a person. We are always living in God, in the path God gave us. God is always watching over us. When I’m outside,  I feel like I am in touch with what God created.” – Mitchel Larson

“I was once asked – how do I see God? I can see God in every single decision that I make. If I get asked to do something that I know I shouldn’t, God is there to remind me of what good things and bad things will come out of it. I know God is there for me because God wants me to make the right decisions and for those decisions to have a positive effect of my life and others.” – Will Foley

“Faith is where you see God working in the world. I see God when somebody does something good for someone else for no other reason than out of the goodness of their heart. I see God when other people put their friends or safety before theirs because they care about them more than themselves. I know God is with me no matter what and that I can always turn to God.” – Dana Gehrls

“This is a letter from my guardian angel to God… As he got older, he grew less and less confident that you were there to protect him. He didn’t know if you were there at all. Two years ago, he came to confirmation and his faith grew at a steady rate and was much stronger. He saw the connection between evolution and your commanding word bringing forth life and his world.” – Bryan Hurd

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