Farewell weekend for Pastors Chad & Amanda

News | July 9, 2015

Pastors Chad McKenna and Amanda Weinkauf are starting on a new leg of their faith journey this month, as their two-year time at St. Paul comes to a close.

This weekend, a reception for them will be held after each service. If you’d like to donate to a gift for Chad and Amanda, please write a check to St. Paul clearly marked for “Residents’ Gift.” The amount collected will be equally shared between the two. You’re also invited to send individual cards or notes to the church, or drop a written expression in the basket this weekend.

Chad is heading to Rockford, Illinois, to serve as an associate pastor at St. Mark Lutheran Church. Amanda will be an associate pastor at Trinity Lutheran in Owotanna, Minnesota.

As resident pastors, they touched hundreds of lives. Here are thoughts from a few of those people.

What a joy it has been to share this time with both of you. We shared a few – too few – meals and a lot of laughter. St. Paul is a better place because you were here with us. Both of you always took the time to share our stories. You listened. A rare gift; given freely. Oh, how we will miss you. Yet, we are happy knowing you’re bound to do such marvelous things in your ministries. I have one more wish for you, “May you stay forever young.” – Duane Haas

Since August, I have been saying “It’s your last (fill in the blank) with us!” At first it was meant to torment them and to remember the finality of their time here, but I think it’s grown into somewhat of a coping mechanism for me to make sure I don’t take them for granted either. They are far more than pastors to me, they are friends. I will fondly remember our game nights, coffee tastings, movie nights and ridiculous dancing. They have helped foster a wonderful community at St. Paul that will miss them dearly. – Matt Mercer

To describe Chad and Amanda over these past two years is like trying to describe a brilliant, shiny priceless coin with two very different sides, yet with a very common center. Amanda’s joyful exuberance always brings a smile to my face and her ability to generate so much enthusiasm about and around our faith is a stunning skill. I sometimes expect her to come down the aisle doing cartwheels. Chad has always demonstrated such strong spirituality, expresses his faith with thoughtful words and sends caring messages with his eyes and those hugs! My first great adventure with Chad was traveling with him in the church van to Chavies, Kentucky – Chad’s first mission trip and my first time leading the pack! He was so eager, willing to tackle any assignment handed to him. I will miss them both and know that we are a better congregation for having them with us. – Vicki Felger

What a blessing Chad and Amanda have been in my life. Several months after their arrival, I ended up in the hospital and they both came to see me with their sweet smiles and warm personalities. We have also spent some time together over dinner at my house, which was always lots of fun. I will definitely miss my Sunday morning hugs, but wish them nothing but the best as they enter the next chapter in their lives. The welcome mat is out for both whenever they visit the QCA. – Ann Quist

Amanda and Chad started their journey as resident pastors at St. Paul as I found myself exploring membership at St. Paul. It was their smiles and open arms that drew me into 2136. Without their carefree spirit and support, I would not have been able to find my strength in becoming a member of a new church as a young adult. They have been more than just pastors to me, they are lifelong friends. – Mandy Streu

It has been a journey for us in the congregation too, one that will be remembered in many ways after you depart from our midst – certainly by your friendship, by your ever-present smiles, your cheerful personalities, and by your outstretched hands to all each Sunday morning. But you also will be remembered, more importantly, for your words of wisdom, your leadership, and the impact you have made on all our spiritual lives. You have affected us, in one way or another, and we are grateful for everything you have added to our congregation. – Jim Bush

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