Fostering love

Mission | May 23, 2024

St. Paul quilters are helping foster kids find a piece of comfort during a time of transition.

Fostering Crossroads, a local non-profit that provides placement bags when a child is placed into foster care, put out a request on Facebook. “Blanket donations needed,” it said. The placement bags feature clothing, stuffed animals, quilts, and other items. St. Paul quilting coordinator Belinda Holbrook saw the request and knew just how to help.

“The St. Paul quilting group had worked with the Department of Health and Human Services in the past to provide quilts to foster kids so when I saw this need, it sounded like the perfect project for the quilters,” Belinda said. “I used part of a generous donation the quilting group had received last year and purchased 87 yards of child-themed fabric. That along, with some of our current stock, should make at least 20 quilts for the placement bags.”

A team of St. Paul quilters jumped into action. The group wasted no time cutting squares and preparing tieces of the quilt at home. In mid-April, they came together to assemble the quilts.

Fostering Crossroads, comprised of a team of supportive community members including businesses, teachers, foster families, and community volunteerism, provides resources and supports foster and adoptive children in Scott County, Iowa.

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  • Kathy Schutman

    May 23, 2024 at 1:44 pm

    What a beautiful ministry all of you St. Paul quilters are providing to children when they need comforting the most.
    Thank you!

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