Advent devotion: From heartache to jubilee

News | December 18, 2015

Watching falling snow at night in the street lights is one of my favorite things about this time of year. It brings a certain peace and serenity to the hustle and bustle surrounding the holiday season. We travel through uncertain weather to connect with family we may not have seen in months or years, but once we arrive and receive that first embrace, the trip is all worthwhile.

Family is the greatest treasure we are born with. I am going to be a father in May 2016, and needless to say I am absolutely thrilled. This means more to me than most would understand. Growing up without a father for the better part of my childhood has molded me into the man I am today. It has not left me bitter or angry, but rather inspired to be the greatest father I can be for my children. Many years had passed before I was able to be at peace with the fact that my biological father was never a part of my life. I often questioned God’s presence in my life but I never lost my faith. St. Paul has done nothing but reaffirm my trust in God. As I look to the near future, my wife and I are overjoyed to welcome our first child into the world.

From heartache to jubilee, we ponder how to cope with events that happen out of our control. This holiday season I want to reflect on the priceless treasures God has given us. Through all the tears and inquisition growing up, God sent me an angel in the form of a woman that became my wife. I thank God for the gifts I have received and refuse to dilute my faith for happenings in the past.

David Biscoe is a student at Palmer College of Chiropractic. He and Larissa live in Bettendorf.

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