Advent devotion: Three words

News | December 17, 2015

“Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart.”
-Luke 2:19

What a delightful image for Advent. A time of new beginnings. As the darkness of winter closes in around us, I reflect on this simple passage. I treasure many of the words spoken to me. I ponder many a thing; many words.  Three leap to the front of my messy brain. I so treasure the words of hope, gratitude, and grace.

When I ponder hope I see such great potential in the world. A hopeful world turning away from fear and desolation. It seems so easy to be swept up in fear and exclusion. Yet, when I think of the promise of God in the world I know it’s a hopeful place. Somewhere I want to make a home filled with that hope and gratitude.

Gratitude is treasure to me. Gratitude seems to cause people to do the most wonderful things. Gratitude flows so freely at times. I have seen folks hammering away on someone else’s house with the biggest smile on their face. They are not pounding those nails because it was assigned to them. They always seem happy to have the chance. A way of expressing gratitude for the abundant life God has provided. A graceful act.

God’s grace is what I treasure most of all. When I ponder the power of grace I am awe struck. I deserve so little, but have so much. My life is rich in so many ways. So many things that can’t be bought or earned. I can’t buy a friend. I can’t earn forgiveness. Instead, these things are freely given by grace. What a crazy idea. A delight to ponder. A treasure to hold on to.

Duane Haas is a consultant in the nuclear power industry. He and Margaret live in Davenport.

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