How ELCA World Hunger helps

Mission | February 19, 2015

Jim Freeman, an 88-year-old in Spartanburg, S.C., has lived alone since his wife passed away. Trying to make ends meet using only his Social Security check, he receives meals and visits from Mobile Meals,

A meal is cooked and delivered to him by volunteers, every weekday, Monday through Friday.

“I sometimes get to feeling selfish. I know, I know in my heart that there are a lot of people in this town who are worse off than I am, and sometimes I feel like I should not be accepting this,” he said. “But then I, as they say today, crunch the numbers, and without it, I would not eat the way I do. I have no income other than my Social Security.”

In addition to food, Mobile Meals also provides an opportunity for fellowship, health checks, and visits from a pastor.

This Lent, midweek offerings at St. Paul will go to support ELCA World Hunger. The hope is to raise $20,000. ELCA World Hunger helps support Mobile Meals, through a Domestic Hunger Grant that covers a portion of $2 million the organization must raise each year.

Part of ELCA World Hunger’s approach to addressing hunger and poverty includes relief – helping people meet their immediate needs. Relief efforts include meal programs, shelters, medical care and food pantries.

But part of their work involves building relationships, as relationships allow for an opening to one another by working with people instead of for them.

Jayne McQueen, director of Mobile Meals in Spartanburg, said Jim has been receiving meals for about a decade.

“Our mission is to glorify God by providing nutritious meals, fellowship, and services to the frail and homebound of Spartan County. The most we’ve served in one day is 2,024. Our volunteers are our lifeline. They come in every shape and size, just like you and me,” she said.

“When I started Mobile Meals, I understood the need to help people who are hungry, but I didn’t understand the devastation of loneliness,” she said.

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