I spy with my little eye…

News | June 29, 2023

Last week, the St. Paul I-Spy boxes made their debut in the gathering area for all to enjoy. Beginning in early July, head outside to stroll the St. Paul campus to view these art installations designed by youth in grades 6-8. Constructed from all sorts of found objects like toys, craft supplies, and trinkets, each installation has a list of hidden objects waiting to be found. It’s fun for the whole family.

These boxes were inspired by an idea brought to the St. Paul creative team by Giving ministry coordinator Marcia Robertson. From there, Artistic director Lauren Brown molded the idea through her leadership, artistic eye, and design work. Then St. Paul member and volunteer Larry Keller came on board and carefully created three different prototypes and handcrafted every piece to make the final product.

Finally, it was the St. Paul youth that brought the boxes to life during 678 Week, carefully painting, selecting the items to include, and meticulously gluing each piece into place.

Each box contains four sides with a new, fun I-Spy game on each side. Use the key in the lower right-hand corner of each panel to find all items listed. Enjoy the St. Paul I-Spy boxes for a little or a long time! How many items can you find?

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