Parenting with promise

News | January 8, 2015

Bullying. Body image. Family finances. Mindfulness. A series of Sunday morning learning discussions, titled Parenting with Promise, will engage the hearts and minds of St. Paul parents with kids of all ages – from infants to adults.

This five-week series beings Sunday, Jan. 11, 10:45-11:30 a.m. in Luther Loft.

“Parenting is such a complex endeavor. The tricks, the strategies, the learning from mistakes — these are the sorts of things we need to be conversing about together. This upcoming Sunday series is worth the attention of anyone who cares about how they are parenting,” said Pastor Peter Marty.

Each week will feature a new topic:


  • Jan 11: Shelley Klaas, retired school counselor who now works at the Child Protection Response Center, will present on Enjoying the journey: Mindfulness in parenting.
  • Jan. 18: Candy Reed, counselor at Garfield Elementary School in Davenport, will talk about the circle of bullying.
  • Jan. 25: Barb Brunkan, a Quad City social worker with a long history of working with people from a variety of circumstances, will discuss body image.
  • Feb. 1: Erie Johnson and Christa Ku, Wells Fargo, will lead a discussion on a variety of financial matters for parents to consider.
The series will wrap up with a discussion led by Shelley Klass, with topics to be chosen by parents.

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