Reflections from 30-hour famine

Mission | December 5, 2019

“The poverty simulation helped me realize how hard it is to not have enough money for daily items.” – McKenna Whitesides

“Even though I lost the fast at 26 hours, I’m still hungry, tired, and cold.” – Ryan Thoreson

“It’s the second day of the famine, I’m feeling tired and hungry. I will come away from this experience, humbled with a new appreciation for everything I have.” – Morgan Lovaas

Approximately 30 St. Paul high school students recently participated in a 30-hour experience of hunger and poverty. They didn’t eat for 30 hours while going through a simulation of what it’s like to live in poverty, learning about the issues of hunger and poverty, and completing service projects.

At the end of the 30 hour famine, the students were able to choose where to donate the money that they brought. Using the ELCA Good Gifts program, here’s how they decided to pool their money and donate:

Two water filters: $60

Two goats and two flocks of Chickens: $120

Vaccinations: $30

Two school fees and uniforms for girls: $80

Seeds and garden tools $50

Three clinic visits: $30

The additional $95 will be donated to World Vision, who created the 30-hour famine event.

“The ELCA Good Gifts program is an easy way for individuals to choose how their funds will help others,” said Andy Langdon, director of youth ministries. “After poverty simulations, service projects, and talking with nutrition professionals, our kids didn’t just choose to donate food, but also cared about resources related to health, education, and sanitation. What a great reflection of the entire experience.”

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