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News | April 22, 2021

St. Paul youth and mentors renovate Youth and Booth Rooms

In early January, youth ministry intern Haley Rhoads, along with congregation member Jack Miller, submitted a proposal to renovate the current Youth Room and Booth Room — two Lower Level rooms utilized by St. Paul youth — which have been used in their current state for around 10 years.

“We imagine this project as something that will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of our youth rooms, while also allowing youth to be involved in the creation of the space that is theirs,” Haley said. “This project offers service opportunities for our youth to put together the space while continuing to offer the long-term benefits of an enhanced youth space.”

Youth have begun working hard on three separate weekends with more to come. Teenagers are working, alongside mentors, to update paint, lighting, and organization in the youth rooms. So far, updates include building new platforms for the booths to provide comfortable seating and create multiple levels in the room. Painting the two rooms has begun as well.

“For many of our youth, the experiences in these rooms have been foundations for their faith, said Haley. “We are proud of the ways in which our youth choose to gather at St. Paul and we believe that this project and its benefits will impact our youth for years to come.”

The Youth and Booth Rooms are set to be completed in May.

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  • Joe DiBernardo

    April 22, 2021 at 7:48 pm

    It is so nice to see the youth take interest in a project.

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