Supporting others

News | November 23, 2022

God’s grace overflows in our family because my husband’s work allows me to stay home with our kids and work on the things that are important to us as a family, like helping others through volunteer work. We seek out opportunities in which to give our time, talents, and resources. We feel more fulfilled in our lives when we do.
I was told by my grandfather that putting others first promotes the development of positive character traits and enhances the quality of your life and relationships, whether it be friendships or even your marriage. He was a wise and selfless man!

I volunteer with Feeding America. Every Wednesday, I go to Starbucks locations to retrieve food they are unable to use and deliver it to the Salvation Army. Some days there isn’t much, but the days there is a lot I feel the happiest. I also volunteer at Nest Café. Hearing the owner’s story moved me and got me excited to share it with friends.
Darrel’s passion is working with youth. Whether it is teaching classes in Jr. Achievement, coaching, or helping to coach sports. He’s always willing to help others and often does so without being asked.
— Chassie & Darrel Peck

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