Three-year-olds, kindergartners to celebrate milestones

News | August 13, 2019

Faith milestones are special markers along the growing-up journey. Each milestone is grounded in the Bible and nurtures faith in everyday life. Here parents and kids discover God’s presence in seemingly ordinary happenings. A milestone is a memorable and fun way to say, “This is an important time. God is here.”

Two age groups will be celebrating milestones on Sunday, Aug. 25.

Three-year-olds: As three-year-olds enter Sunday School this fall, we welcome them to St. Paul in a new way. On Sunday, Aug. 25, 10:20 a.m., in Lower Commons, meet other families in your child’s class. Pastor Sara Olson-Smith will share how reading and centering our lives in God’s stories from the Bible shape our faith. Children will take home a Spark Story Bible to celebrate their milestone. Sign up here.

Kindergartners: This gathering for kindergartners and their families will be held on Sunday, August 25, 12:15 p.m., Lower Commons. Children and parents will join Pastor Katy Warren to explore worship in a new way. Each child will receive a personalized worship bag. Sign up here.

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