To give and receive

News | November 17, 2022

I have always held and acted on the belief that I can make a difference if I put my mind to it. When I started to get more involved with some of the incredible groups offered at St. Paul, it gave me an opportunity to do just that. Connecting, supporting, and encouraging other people, especially other moms, is such a blessing. Parenting is tough and having a support system in place is an amazing comfort. A shoulder to cry on, a note of encouragement, or a small act can make a big difference in a person’s life. Being kind, generous, and respectful to others is an important thing for our children to see and practice themselves.

I don’t believe it was by accident that I chose a career (as a school psychologist) serving and supporting others. Much of the joy I feel in life is an outcome of helping others. You know the saying “it’s better to give than to receive?” The happiness, gratitude, and relief that one small act of kindness or act of generosity can bring to another person is powerful, rewarding, and humbling. I’m so blessed to be part of a community like St. Paul where I can not only give, but also be the recipient of such acts of service.
— Chelsea & Tyler Clark

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