Advent devotion: A mother’s faith

News | December 16, 2015

This Advent season we are reminded in Luke 2:19 that “Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart.” As I ponder my life of faith, I recall the churches where my faith was formed: Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic, and now Lutheran. I wonder: How great is my faith? Am I a true Christian? How will I know? Dec. 16 Jack Miller

Recently, I attended a military memorial service at the Rock Island Arsenal. After the service, my wife and I visited my parents’ gravesite. I lost my mother Helen almost a year ago. I remembered how strong she was in her faith. She rarely went to sleep without reading a devotion and offering a prayer. She attended church, sang in the choir, sewed quilts in the church basement, and studied the Bible.

What about my dad? I lost him more than 30 years ago. I wasn’t pondering my faith so much at that time. Now I wonder: Was his faith as strong? I wish I could have talked with him about it.

I hope to someday have the same strong faith and devotion I saw in my mother. Mother practiced her faith and found great comfort in God’s love for her. She really was an inspiration to me.

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