Advent devotion: My children

News | December 19, 2019

When I reflect on light and life in the world, I immediately think of my children. Having a kid is bringing a new and fresh light into the world. It brings new life to the people lucky enough to have made the child. It sparks a renewed vision and focus. You want to take this new light and help it grow brighter.  I’ve been blessed with 3 wonderful children. They add so much to my life that I cannot imagine navigating the world without them. If I’m ever having a bad day, the hug from my kids can always brighten things up.

As children grow you learn so much. Each child is so different, they are uniquely their own individual.  I strive to help them grow in their own way. Whichever path they choose, I try to encourage them and assist them in their journey however I can. My kids all provide a different light. Each has their own way of brightening not only my life, but the lives of those around them.

My hope is that my kids will grow to be their own lights. I try to raise them to be uplifting.  I’ve been incredibly lucky to have such a supportive family that has the same values as I do. My oldest son Will is writing his own blog this Advent season (see tomorrow’s edition). I think it’s wonderful to have a teenager willing to take time out of his day to spend some time looking back, thinking about ways that his life has been lit up.

Whenever I hear from someone about a way that one of my kids has been a positive influence on someone around them it brings a smile to my face and a great sense of pride in me. I know that they will continue to grow brighter and they will light up others around them.

Tim Behrens is a stay-at-home dad with three children. He lives in Bettendorf and enjoys spending time with his kids, playing golf, and watching football.

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