St. Paul Life Groups

Building Community Through Shared Interests

Life Groups are designed to connect individuals who share common interests, activities, or life stages, fostering meaningful connections and a strong sense of community.

What is a Life Group?
A Life Group at St. Paul is formed when three or more individuals commit to meeting regularly, typically once or twice a month. These groups can convene in a variety of settings, such as cafes, homes, parks, or any other location that suits their needs.

Life Groups fall into three main categories:
Life Stage: Connecting people in similar stages of life
Activity: Bringing together those who enjoy the same activities.
Topic: Focusing on specific subjects of interest.

Life Groups are built around three core values:
Commitment: Dedication to regular participation and support of group members.
Impulse for Service: Encouraging acts of service within and beyond the group.
Prayer: Integrating prayer into group activities to foster spiritual growth.

How Do Life Groups Work?

  • Join or Start a Group: You can either join an existing group or start your own.
  • Find Groups Easily: Groups are searchable through our App and regular church communications, such as the Journey newsletter.
  • Facilitators: Each group has a facilitator to help organize and guide the group, making it easier for members to participate.
  • Leadership Support: A dedicated leadership team provides guidance and support to facilitators and groups, ensuring they have the resources and assistance needed to thrive.

St. Paul Life Groups are a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connections within the church community, grow spiritually, and serve others. Whether you are looking to connect with others in a similar life stage, share in a favorite activity, or explore a topic of interest, there is a Life Group for you. Join us in this exciting new chapter of fellowship and community at St. Paul.

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