Sharing grief

When someone dies, the church shares the grief of those who mourn. In a funeral or memorial service, we give voice to our sorrow, thank God for our loved one, and entrust this person into the hands of God.

In a journey that begins with baptism, our Christian life is grounded in the worship life of the faith community. At the end of a life, it is fitting for family and friends to gather once more in deep gratitude and remembrance – within the very church that sustained their loved one in life.

In a funeral service, we celebrate the value of this life and reaffirm our trust in God’s promise received in baptism: We are claimed by Christ forever. Scripture, prayers, songs, and words express the hopes and fears of grieving hearts.

Funeral visitations are often held at the church, the very place where life has been lived. The large gathering area just outside the Chapel (the Chapel Commons) is especially suited for greeting friends and displaying photos. Funerals and memorial services are held in the Sanctuary and the Chapel, depending on circumstances.

For many St. Paul members, burial in the St. Paul Memorial Garden is a biblically-faithful option. Depending on the season of the year, burial of cremains may follow a service or be scheduled for a later date. More on the garden

Those who are an active part of the church’s membership may wish to consider in advance their wishes for a funeral or memorial service. Thoughtful selection of certain hymns and scripture can be a gift for those who remain. Contact a pastor to express your wishes.

Funerals: Mackenzie Griffin