Advent devotion: Tradition and change

News | December 15, 2015

During this Advent season, traditions become a part of many of our days. There are as many traditions as there are families. Many of us try to honor and keep those family rituals as time passes and as we enter into different phases of our lives.

At times we may not realize we are establishing traditions. Such is the case for our family. We would pack the car and drive to one set of parents to celebrate Thanksgiving, and do the same with the other set of parents for Christmas. Not until our son was an adult and shared his warm feelings of how we celebrated the holidays, did we realize that our family had made wonderful memories and established a rich family tradition.

As time marches on, family traditions change, even as we try to hold on to a few small pieces. Family members die or move away, so change happens. We have gone from packing the car and traveling to parents to celebrating the holidays at our own home with family and friends. Change is upon us again this year as two of our family members are no longer with us and our son is living out of state. My husband Manny and I have grown to accept change as it relates to the holidays.

We have learned that change is growth. It helps us reflect on where we have been, where we are, and where God wants us to be. Also, while we have learned that traditions are important to each us, togetherness is most important. As we walk our faith journey, we live a life of gratitude. We are grateful that God sent God’s son so we can celebrate Advent. Let us celebrate with gratitude, not only during Advent, but every day.

Thanks be to God.

Sandy Fritz is a retired school counselor. She lives in Bettendorf with her husband, Manny.

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