Checking in with Megan Eide

News | April 28, 2022

Current pastor in residency Megan Eide has been busy connecting with St. Paul people during her six months in the Quad Cities.

“I have loved every opportunity I’ve had to get to know people and build relationships, from big events like the WELCA luncheon and confirmation retreats to simple dinners and coffee get-togethers with individuals. I have learned the immense value and fun of collaborating with a staff of highly talented folks. It is rewarding to lean on and learn from the various passions, gifts, and skills of others. I’m looking forward to accompanying more people through key events in their lives, be those faith milestones, marriages, or other life changes.”

Megan has kept busy plugging into the community and culture of the Quad Cities by sampling different coffee shops, volunteering with her therapy dog Nisse, and seeking out opportunities to make music, like performing in the pit orchestra for Assumption High School’s production of Little Shop of Horrors.

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