Christmas, bright and warm

Mission | December 15, 2016

The gifts are wrapped, the elves are ready. The families who take part in the Madison Marketplace Food Pantry are in for a fun surprise on Tuesday.

That’s when each child will choose a fleece blanket, handmade by St. Paul people – more than 200 of them. They will choose a handmade pillowcase (made by sisters Cathy Hagglund and Marleah Welke), hats and gloves (handmade and store bought by individuals and the Anna Circle), a book from the Book Corner (and authored by St. Paul member Jill Esbaum), and socks and books collected by Sunday school students. A cooler bag and a set of Rubbermaid containers from the Mission Board will complete the gifts.

The Table Graces crew made cookies.


A crew gathered last week to wrap and assemble the gifts.
Some kids have already received hats and gloves, made by Judy Genung for students in Kelly Dugan’s class.

And these are just some of the examples of how St. Paul people are loving Madison kids through the Neighborhood School Partnership.

“The Madison Marketplace now has more than 50 families,” said Neighborhood School Partnership Coordinator Dana Welser. “St. Paul’s intense mission ministry is feeding families and strengthening souls.”

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  • Cynthia Schrock

    December 15, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    Lots of childhood Christmas memories of Madison School.

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