Growing older

News | December 28, 2023

After each one of my five children was born, I prayed that God would at least let me live until they were adults. I’m 88 years old, my oldest child is retired, and I’m blessed to have great-grandchildren. Did God answer that prayer or what?! We’re grateful to be surrounded by all kinds of family.

I’ve been a Christian all my life. I was baptized at St. Paul when I was just three months old and later married (more than 70 years ago) here. We used to pile all the kids in the car for Sunday church services and there was always so much happening. People have misconceptions about growing older. Life has a way of being so busy when you’re younger that you’re not always as aware of the blessings surrounding you but, nowadays, I can go sit on the deck at 3 a.m. and watch the sunrise. You’re able to really pause and appreciate what a beautiful world we live in. You have time during the day when you’re much more conscious of God, that time you didn’t always have when you were raising your children or working. I enjoyed those busy stages of life and now I’m grateful for the peace that comes with growing older.
— Mary Graham

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