Advent devotion: Loving God in everyday life

News | November 30, 2016

By Beth Heston

When I agreed to write this devotion, I thought it would be easy to express my feelings about the wonder and joy of God’s love.

Writing this has really made me think about what that means. I look back on my happy childhood and all the love and joy I felt then. I think of all the love and joy in my adult life with my husband and my children. Am I confusing God’s love with this?

Then I realize that no, it really is simple, because my family has felt the joy of God’s love, they were able to share that with me. Because I feel the joy of God’s love and trust in God I am able to receive and value that love.

It has always been important to me to share that love. Smiling at people, being cheerful, caring for others are all ways that we can enjoy and spread God’s love.

I struggle with thoughts of those who love God and trust in God all the while living in places of war or dealing with hunger or disease. There are many that are in these circumstances that do continue to feel the joy of God’s love.

I have known people struggling with difficult situations in life that still see the joy of God’s love.  To me that is truly awe-inspiring and helps me to know that I must nurture my faith in God and God’s love.

Beth is married to Charlie, together they have 3 children – one in Denver, one in New York and one in Alaska. They have 3 grandchildren, and like to read and to be outdoors.

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