Mission Spotlight: Good Stewards

Mission | February 22, 2024

St. Paul and the Environmental Awareness Team work together to be good stewards by taking minimally from the Earth, making wise choices, and considering consequences.

▶ Recycling and waste reduction: note those large silver
and blue bins throughout the church, making paper disposal simple.
▶ Compostable coffee cups
▶ Online giving, reducing paper envelopes.
▶ The Green Apron team washes dishes at church events, limiting disposable plastic tableware.
▶ Providing space for community gardens that improve the soil and provide produce locally.
▶ The Book Corner carries titles about earth care and understanding nature
▶ Regular neighborhood volunteer trash pickup
▶ High-efficiency, low-energy-use lightbulbs throughout the building and an energy-efficient furnace

The Environmental Team is a band of earth-minded St. Paul folks. They pick up trash every week on the St. Paul campus, scrub dishes at church suppers, and support recycling initiatives, too. Think globally and act locally as a steward of this Earthly home. Interested in being part of this group? Contact: Duane Haas, dlhaas@mchsi.com.

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