Give at church

Offering envelopes

Many St. Paul members tuck checks or cash into their numbered offering envelopes. Your personalized envelope number assures that your gift will be accurately noted in church giving records.

Using weekly envelopes connects our generosity with participation in worship. It’s a tangible act of gratitude for all that God has given us.

Away from worship? Mail envelopes to the St. Paul business office, 2136 Brady Street, Davenport, Iowa 52803.

Envelopes in pew racks

General offering envelopes are also available in pew racks in the Sanctuary.

Stocks and securities

Giving corporate stock or mutual fund shares is an option to fulfill a pledge to the church or as an additional gift. Your financial advisor will put in motion your desire to donate through electronic transfer of your stock or mutual fund shares to the church’s brokerage account.

Privacy laws make it difficult to trace the identity of a stock or fund donor. At the same time that you contact your financial advisor, please contact the church business manager, Laura Scott, by email or phone. Provide the name of the stock or mutual fund, the number of shares, and your intentions for your gift.


Give at church: Laura Scott